Hackney Brewery – The Throbbing Brewery Beneath The Trains


Brewery: Hackney Brewery

News: Building A Fresh New Brewery In The Heart Of London

Head Brewer: Jon Swain & Peter Hills

Brewery Address:

Arch 358.

Laburnum Street,

London E2 8BB

Brewery Website: http://hackneybrewery.co.uk/


The song says, “Underneath the arches, I dream my dreams away”, but the bass rumblings of the London tube line trains over these arches, sounds more like an anachronistic prelude, heralding the exciting brews to come. This embryonic brewery, set in a throbbing railway arch, in the throbbing heart of London, will be opening its curtains in May to the tympanic Fanfare of the Hackney Common Man, preceding, not pipe dreams, but hopefully, the pipeline to success.

OK, before I carry on with my inane dribbling and scribbling, some introductions are in order. Owner/Brewers, Pete and Jon have been lifelong friends and have been homebrewing all-grain beers since they were in short trousers, and brewing quality beer is a love that has never left them. Confucius said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work in your life.” Well, they have worked hard within the beer industries for a long while but never at the tiller of their own vessels. Soon though, they will be charting the course of their own four fermenting vessels through the stormy seas of today’s ebullient brewing climate. They may have a finger on the pulse when it comes to the future of the British beer industry, but they also have a passionately nostalgic feel for centuries of time-honoured pure all-grain brewing.

Hackney Brewery will be launching the first of their quality beers this May 2012, starting with a Great British classic style, Best Bitter.

Good luck guys!

Watch this space.



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